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Looking for biking trails in and around Plano? We have compiled a list of top-rated bike trails that could be useful to you. Read on to learn more!

Arbor Hills Trail

This trail is located in Plano, about 20 miles north of downtown Dallas. The paved pathway loops through a 200-acre wooded nature preserve. You can access unpaved hiking and mountain biking trails. It has cement as well as dirt trails, so you can bike in all types of weather. However, bikes are only allowed on the cement and designated mountain bike trails. There are parking spaces and restrooms in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. According to online reviews, since the Arbor Hills Trail is a beautiful trail for biking, it is busier than other trails. But, it is still quiet and away from roads.

A-train Rail Trail

The A-train Rail Trail connects the northwestern Dallas suburbs of Denton and Lewisville and spans 19 miles along an active commuter line. The northern 9-mile section is known as the Denton Branch Rail Trail. The paved pathway from the Downtown Denton Transit Center south to Swisher Road in Lake Dallas parallels I-35 and is accessible to residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and schools. This trail connects to the downtown transit center and MedPark Station. The southernmost section is a paved trail known as the Lewisville Hike and Bike Trail. 

Bikes are allowed on the A-train and bike hooks are available near the ADA-accessible seats. As per online reviews, the trail has wonderfully smooth surfaces, but visitors should be mindful of less signage especially in the southern portion of the trail in Lewisville.  

Willow Springs and Bobcat Run Loop

Willow Springs and Bobcat Run Loop is a trail near Plano that is accessible throughout the year. It spans 7.2 kilometers and is a heavily trafficked loop. This trail is very scenic and offers breathtaking sights of the lake. It is also widely paved, with great dirt paths, and is very well-maintained.

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve Trail

There is a mix of both paved and soft-surface trails that wind through the nature preserve. The concrete pathway of the trail offers scenic views of Rowlett Creek and spans over 8 miles. On its southern end, the concrete pathway connects to the Bob Woodruff Park Trail, so you can have a longer ride. All trails are wide, very well maintained, scenic, and away from traffic. Oak Point Park has several recreational amenities, including an amphitheater, recreation center, fishing pond, and zipline course. Large parking lots and clean restrooms are also available for use within the park.

Bob Woodruff Park Trail

The Bob Woodruff Park Trail connects to the Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve Trail as well as to the Santa Fe Trail. This concrete trail is 3.7 miles in length and is composed of a loop and several spurs within the park. It is well maintained, clean, and paved, with scenic bridges crossing Rowlett creek in several places. The trail has been designed to keep the surrounding roadways from spoiling the peaceful atmosphere.

There are drinking fountains that you can use to get clean drinking water. There are restrooms in the southern part of the large duck pond and on the northern end at Oak Point, where there is also a large pond with many types of wildlife. The Bob Woodruff Park Trail is certainly a great place to ride your bike!

Santa Fe Trail

This is a 1.6 mile-linear trail that extends west of Bob Woodruff Park to Avenue P. It connects to Schell Park, the Bob Woodruff Park Trail, as well as Memorial Elementary School, and Bowman Middle School. The concrete trail surface is suitable for biking.

Willow Creek Trail 

The Willow Creek Trail is a short trail system. It is located in the eastern part of the City of Plano and consists of 1.3 miles of loops and spurs within Willow Creek Park. The trail connects to Mendenhall Elementary School, McCreary Sports Field, and Harrington Library and runs from Jupiter Road to Avenue N. Besides biking, it is also suitable for walking and inline skating and is wheelchair accessible.

Chisholm Trail

The Chisholm Trail spans 9.3 miles in length and extends from Harrington Park on its southern end to Jack Carter Park on its north side. It connects to the Plano Senior Center, Big Lake Park, Copper Creek Playground, Schimelpfenig Library, Memorial Park, and several schools. 

According to visitors, it is a great trail with a lot of curves. The trail is clean, wide, well-marked, well maintained, paved, mostly flat, and goes underneath any major road so you can enjoy a continuous ride. This trail also passes behind many beautiful houses and shopping areas and connects many small playgrounds. For more adventure, visitors can connect to the Bluebonnet Trail. 

Bluebonnet Trail

The Bluebonnet Trail extends over 10 miles and provides a continuous trail connection from K Avenue/ Greenway Avenue to Midway road. It also connects to several other Plano trails such as the Blue Ridge Park Trail, the Preston Ridge Trail, the Shady Brook Trail, and the Chisholm Trail, as well as to several parks. The entire trail is in good shape, composed of concrete, and the grass is mowed and well maintained. 

Blue Ridge Park Trail

This is a short concrete trail that runs through Blue Ridge Park in Plano and serves as a connector to the Bluebonnet Trail. 

Shady Brook Trail 

This concrete trail connects to the western end of the Bluebonnet Trail and spans 2.5 miles in length. Although it is a short trail, it is scenic with lots of shade. Biking on this trail is a scenic treat as there are several nice homes along the trail. 

Huffines Hyundai just informed you of some of our favorite biking trails in Plano. Did you find our list satisfactory? Did we miss a local favorite? Please drop us a line here and let us know!

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