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Do Hybrid Vehicles Need Oil Changes?

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular than ever. With more hybrids on the road, you may wonder how to maintain them. If you are considering buying a hybrid vehicle, having questions about its required maintenance is normal. For instance, do you know if your hybrid requires regular oil changes? If so, how often do you need to change the oil? Read on for some crucial information about taking care of a hybrid vehicle before shopping for a new car in Plano, Texas.

Hybrid Vehicles Require Regular Oil Changes

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Hybrid vehicles need regular maintenance, just like vehicles that only use gasoline. While many people think that a hybrid does not require much upkeep compared to other vehicle options, hybrid vehicles require slightly different care. You will likely bring your vehicle in for maintenance just as often as you would bring in any other vehicle, with only a few exceptions. Oil changes are among the required maintenance for your vehicle. Even though hybrid cars benefit from electricity, they still have combustion engines that require lubrication.

What can happen when you don’t change your hybrid’s oil regularly? Failing to get oil changes for your hybrid vehicle can lead to several problems. For starters, your engine will not get the necessary lubrication, and your hybrid will not run as well if you do not change your vehicle’s oil.

Oil changes for hybrid vehicles also involve looking for common issues that hybrids face. For instance, your mechanic will look for the signs of fuel oxidation on your engine, which can damage your engine. Moisture that gets stuck in your car’s engine can also cause corrosion, which is something your mechanic will look for during a routine oil change. These problems may linger if you do not bring your vehicle to the mechanic.

Hybrid vehicles were more difficult to service in the past, but these vehicles have now been around for decades. As a result, more mechanics are knowledgeable at servicing hybrids and ensure that your oil change is effective. Plus, hybrid vehicles are getting better as the years go on.

Your Driving Habits Dictate When to Get Oil Changes for Your Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid vehicles use two different fuel sources, but how these cars use fuel depends on where and how you’re driving. For example, you will frequently apply your brakes when driving locally around town, requiring electricity from a battery more often than gas. You will use more gas than electricity if you frequently drive on the highway. You can go longer between oil changes when you use brakes often on city streets while moving slowly.

All of this means that your car uses gas differently than other vehicles. As a result, you may only need an oil change every 7,000 to 10,000 miles if you use synthetic oils. You can compare this to other vehicles or vehicles that use different oil types and require an oil change every 5,000 miles.

Drivers who do not use their vehicles must also understand that oil cannot sit in your car for years. If you do not drive often, you should make sure that you get an oil change every six to 12 months to ensure that your car is well maintained. Many newer hybrids have a light that flashes to remind drivers that it is time for annual maintenance.

Choose the Right Oil for Your Hybrid Vehicle

When a mechanic changes the oil in your hybrid, they must use the correct oil. Since hybrid vehicles run cooler than many other vehicles, the oil in the system needs to provide lubrication at lower temperatures. The best oil for hybrid engines protects the engine against corrosion common for cold engine starts.

Using synthetic oil means you can drive your vehicle longer between oil changes. Synthetic oil may not be the best option for every car, and hybrid vehicle manufacturers may recommend that you use one specific kind of oil. Some engines require oil of a certain weight, and using any other type of oil could damage your engine.

If a mechanic uses the wrong oil, sludge may form within the engine. That reduces the lifespan of your vehicle and causes more wear on your hybrid’s engine. Also, using the wrong oil could mean that your car will run through oil more frequently. If you are unsure what kind of oil your mechanic used, ask about it and check your oil regularly to ensure you do not run out.

Hybrid Electrical Components Also Require Maintenance

Many new hybrid owners in Plano have questions about the maintenance required for the vehicle’s electrical components. Unlike the engine, a hybrid vehicle’s electrical components do not require much attention. Still, you may want to ask your mechanic to check out the battery to ensure that it will not die soon.

Some sensors, especially oxygen sensors, need more frequent maintenance and observation. As a result, you should make sure that you are getting regularly scheduled tune-ups in addition to oil changes.

Hybrid Vehicles Offer Many Benefits

Even if you are disappointed that hybrid cars still require oil changes, you should know that there are still many benefits to owning these vehicles. After all, every type of vehicle requires some form of maintenance.

Fuel efficiency is one of the top reasons to consider buying a hybrid. When you drive a hybrid, you get more miles out of a single gas tank than you would with a traditional vehicle. Vehicle upkeep helps you maintain this excellent efficiency and ensure that your hybrid releases fewer emissions. You do not have to sacrifice fuel economy or eco-friendliness for performance.

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