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Hyundai Safety Features


Hyundai takes your safety seriously. That’s why this innovative automaker equips its vehicles with Hyundai SmartSense driver-assist technology. Let’s explore the features of these safety systems to better understand how they work.

How Does Hyundai Keep You Safe?

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Hyundai keeps you safe by equipping its vehicles with advanced technology. Using intelligent sensors, cameras, sonar, alerts, alarms, and radar embedded throughout Hyundai vehicles, some SmartSense features send visual or audible alerts in case of an imminent collision or when you’re about to hit an object or pedestrian you can’t see. Depending on the driver-assist feature, you will receive an alert, or the technology can help stop the vehicle via auto braking.

While not all Hyundai models and trims have the full suite of driver-assist features, even the base models get basic technology like pre-collision warning with automatic emergency braking and a lane mitigation system. Top-tier models and trims have more advanced systems, such as blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert and smart cruise control. Many SmartSense features are available as optional extras for most Hyundai models and trims if they don’t come standard.

Let’s explore the details of some of the common driver-assist features you’ll find in Hyundai vehicles. If you’re unsure which features your specific Hyundai has, please contact us at Huffines Hyundai Plano.

Blind-Spot Protection

The blind spot refers to the part of the road you can’t see through the windshield or the rear or side-view mirrors. These blind spots are generally located behind the car on the left and back sides. When changing lanes, there’s a danger that you may accidentally hit a car in the other lane due to the blind spot.

Hyundai’s SmartSense blind-spot protection includes blind-spot collision avoidance assist. This system will send you an alert if it detects an approaching vehicle on the blind side. If needed, the system gently applies left or right front barking before you change lanes.

In addition, if your Hyundai has the blind-spot view monitor system, you’ll get a live video feed of what’s happening in your blind spot. When you turn on your indicator, you’ll see this live video in your side-view mirrors.

Smooth Lane Assist

Drivers can get distracted while on the road and may accidentally drift out of the center of the lane or into another lane. That’s why you’ll get lane-following and lane-keeping assist as part of Hyundai’s SmartSense safety technology.

Lane following assist technology uses a camera mounted on the front windshield to detect specific lane markers embedded in the road. This camera monitors the Hyundai’s position in the lane and automatically adjusts the steering to bring the vehicle back to the center.

Lane-keeping assist technology helps keep the vehicle from drifting into another lane. This safety system uses lane departure warning sensors to detect when your Hyundai is about to cross the line into another lane without using a turn signal. If so, the system will adjust the steering and apply the brakes if needed to return the vehicle to its correct lane.

Automatic Braking

Forward collision avoidance assist is a key SmartSense feature. Using a camera, radar, and sensors, this system monitors your vehicle’s speed, that of any vehicle in front of you, and the distance between the two. The system will send you an alert if the vehicles get too close.

When your Hyundai has the full forward collision-avoidance assist with automating braking, the system will apply the brakes if you don’t, helping to prevent a potential crash with the vehicle in front of you. In addition, if you’re driving down the road and the system detects a pedestrian or bicyclist in the way, you’ll receive an alert, and if you don’t respond, the system will apply the brakes.

Safe Distance 

Another driver-assist feature that some Hyundai models and trims come with is smart cruise control with stop-and-go technology. As with any cruise control system, you can set your desired speed. However, if you need to slow down due to traffic flow or you’re approaching a vehicle in front of you too rapidly, you have to manually slow your vehicle down.

With smart cruise control with stop-and-go, the system automatically detects when the speed needs adjustment to a slower pace and takes action to change the speed or stop the vehicle. Once traffic resumes speed, the system will automatically reset to the desired speed.

Additional Safety Alerts and Warnings

Hyundai’s design and engineering team continues to create more advanced driver-assist systems for enhanced driving safety. Additional driver-assist features include the following:

Driver Attention Warning

This system constantly monitors your driving behavior. If it detects unusual behavior, such as swerving or speed adjustments due to inattention or drowsiness, the system will send an audible alert along with a warning message on the instrument cluster.

Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert

Once you turn your car’s engine off, you’ll receive a visual alert on the instrument cluster as a reminder to check the back seats for occupants. If you leave the car and lock it and accidentally leave a child or pet in the backseat area, the sensors will detect movement and automatically honk the horn and flash the lights to let you know. In addition, when you have the Hyundai Bluelink app downloaded to your smartphone, you’ll receive an alert that there is movement in the back of the vehicle.

Safe Exit Warning

Once you park your Hyundai, sensors will monitor the area to see if any other vehicle is approaching from behind and will send an alert that it’s unsafe to exit the vehicle.

Learn More About Hyundai’s Safety Features

To learn more about the innovative safety and driver-assist features Hyundai has designed to keep you and your family safe while driving, stop by Huffines Hyundai in Plano, Texas, today. Our team invites you to browse our inventory of new Hyundai vehicles, take advantage of Hyundai global incentives, and take your favorite Hyundai for a test drive. Our highly trained and certified service technicians are available when your vehicle needs a service to help keep it in excellent condition, giving you peace of mind while driving.


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