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The city of Plano is among the most interesting places to live and visit in Texas. It boasts over 80 remarkable parks and 75 square miles of meticulously designed fields making Plano a great playground for you and your family. Are you tired of staying indoors and would like to sample life outdoors? Consider touring some of these magnificent parks.

Cheyenne Park

Cheyenne Park is a highly popular community park with excellent sport facilities. It prides itself in well-manicured practice fields, extensive play grounds, and open green space with easy access to walking trails. It is designated for use by athletic groups in the region, but the general public can also engage in a range of sports such as soccer and softball. Cheyenne Park is also awesome for children as there is ample space for a variety of kid’s games. The walking paths here are clearly marked out so you can enjoy some biking and hiking without the fear of getting lost. There are also two pavilions in case you want to host a party in the park.

Oak Point Park and Nature Reserve

This 800-acre hideaway is a serene hideout from the hustle and bustle of town. Take a leisurely walk along the paved paths that are spread out in the gardens or follow the regular trails that wander through oak trees. Are you a water lover? Bring a kayak or paddle board and paddle the day away! If you want to try your hand at fishing, you need to visit this park but remember to apply for a license beforehand.

Enjoy the wonders of nature with Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure that is situated in Oak Point Park. Take a walk on the 2,436-foot path with every step taking you higher in the cover into a journey of five zip lines, double Tarzan swings, and about 40 crossings. This trip takes nearly three hours to complete and will give you a mad adrenaline rush. Just remember to put on covered sneakers to avoid foot injuries.

Haggard Park

As you visit family and friends in Plano, make a point of visiting Haggard Park and let your kids have the experience of a lifetime. Haggard Park offers a great playground and lots of beautiful trees. Just remember to carry your camera as this is one sight you won’t want to forget. While there are no pavilions, the garden is a perfect place to host parties and other open-air activities.

Every summer, Haggard Park hosts the screening of some of the most popular family blockbusters. If you are looking for affordable entertainment, movie screening at the park is free to the public. Many people have also had the honor of hosting their weddings right at the heart of this park. The intercity railway museum, a strategically built gazebo, tables spread all over the grounds, and stone benches will also catch your attention. You may also enjoy the outdoor gym, so don’t forget your gym bag. Other amenities in the park include clean restrooms, ample parking, and tree lighting!

Russell Creek Park

Looking to do some fishing, picnic, or perhaps do some sporting activities? This is the place for you! The Russell Creek is a large park with athletic facilities ideal for soccer, baseball, and volleyball courts. The park also has a lake for fishing (so pack your fishing rod), picnic areas, and bike trails. The park also boasts a pavilion and free, secure parking. If you are a nature lover, you will certainly enjoy the spectacular view of the waterfalls. You can similarly take the adventure to the sand volleyball court and have a feel of the beach. 

As you wander in the park, you won’t have to worry about your losing your pet as pet parking services are available. Go on and play soccer, watch your kids swing, or enjoy a quiet picnic as you revel in the vast view of the park. One thing is certain, you will be spoiled for choice!

Bob Woodruff Park Trail

This is one of the finest nature trails in Plano. Directly linked to Oak Point’s paths and the Santa Fe track, you can traverse over the east side of Plano through to the southern end. The paths are well kept with clean, concrete sidewalks. You will get to enjoy picturesque bridges passing through Rowlett Creek. The park has plenty of clean, outdoor drinking fountains. Towards the northern part of Oak Point, you will find a pond with different varieties of marine life. The atmosphere here is peaceful and makes for a perfect place for meditation.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve features a vast area of natural splendor perfect for hiking, walking, and picnics. What stands out most is the surveillance tower that provides a panoramic view of the town. The natural bio filter that cleans run-off water from the parking lot before it flows into the groundwater table is perhaps the most exciting feature of the trail. As this is a nature preserve, you can expect to bump into wild animals. While you are hiking, keep an eye out for dangerous snakes and insects, as they have been reported in sections of the park.

Spring Creek Trail

The deeply forested Spring Creek trail offers a natural hideout outside the northern development of Dallas as it meanders along the scenic creek. The 51-acre eastern portion of the creek provides the most tranquil picnic areas, ideal restrooms, among other features.

Plano has the most amazing parks and breathtaking views. Whenever you happen to be in Texas, make a point of visiting Plano to explore these amazing places and create a lifetime of memories. Remember, the best way to become familiar with a place is not through a map but by taking an actual tour. 

We at Huffines Hyundai Plano found these parks worth checking out. If we missed out on your favorite park in Plano, drop us a line and we will certainly beef up our list.

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