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What Is Hyundai Digital Key?

Modern cars offer a lot in terms of exciting technology, especially when it comes to enhancing your drive with smartphone-integrated features. If you’re shopping for a new Hyundai, one of the features you can use to streamline your experience is Hyundai Digital Key. Are you interested in accessing your car more easily? If so, let’s take a closer look at Hyundai Digital Key, how it works, and how you can use it in your new Hyundai vehicle once you drive it off of the lot!

What Is Hyundai Digital Key?

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Aptly named, Hyundai Digital Key is a phone application that allows you to use your smartphone as a substitute key to start and access your vehicle. Given that most people have a smartphone on them at all times, this may be a more convenient way to drive around without using the included key fob. That being said, some requirements will play a role in whether or not you can take advantage of Hyundai Digital Key. 

At the time of writing, only the Hyundai Digital Key only works with Android phones with an operating system version of 7.0 or later. Your Android will also need Bluetooth 4.0 or later and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. You will also need to sign up for a MyHyundai account and enroll in the Hyundai Digital Key service to include your vehicle in your vehicle list. Finally, you need to download the Hyundai Digital Key app to your phone. With all of this ready to go, you should be able to use Hyundai Digital Key!

How Do I Install Hyundai Digital Key?

The setup for Hyundai Digital Key is quite simple. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Open the Hyundai Digital Key app on your phone.
  2. Start your vehicle.
  3. Go to the app and press the + button to start pairing mode. 
  4. Place your phone on the car’s wireless charger to begin pairing your phone and the vehicle.
  5. Once the pairing process is complete, follow the app’s instructions to register your phone as your car’s primary digital key. 

After you’ve gone through the steps above, you will need to save your phone on your car’s system so that it knows to open up for it. If you have a navigation system, simply:

  1. Press “Setup” on the center screen.
  2. Press “Vehicle.”
  3. Press “Digital Key.” 
  4. Press “Smartphone Key.”
  5. Press “Select.” 
  6. Press “Save.”

Hyundai models that don’t have a navigation system do this process differently. Instead of showing the information on the navigation system screen, you’ll find the settings on your driver dashboard between the speedometer and the rpm gauge. To set up your phone as the Digital Key in vehicles like this, just use the controls on your steering wheel to navigate the following items:

  1. Digital key
  2. Smartphone key
  3. Select
  4. Save

That’s it! Once you’ve gone through all the steps above, you’ll be ready to use your smartphone as your digital key.

How Do I Use My Smartphone as a Key?

It’s essential to ensure that everything works once you’ve set up your Hyundai Digital Key. Turn off the car and lock everything up when you’ve completed the above. Then, turn on your phone and unlock it. You don’t need to open the Hyundai Digital Key app, but you have to have your phone on and unlocked for the critical feature to work. Place your phone close to the driver’s side door handle, and you should hear your door unlock. If you want multiple doors to unlock each time you open your smartphone, you can configure this in your app. 

Once you’re in the car, you can start your Hyundai with the smartphone as well. Place your phone, still open, on the wireless charging pad. Press down on the brake and push the car’s start button. The vehicle should start if you’ve followed all the directions successfully. You can then either lock your phone or continue using it without affecting the car’s functionality as you operate the vehicle. 

More impressively, you can actually share a key with someone else! As long as they have an Android that meets the qualifications in the first section, just create another key in your MyHyundai account and alert them via text or email. 

Always Have Your NFC Key Card on Hand

Life happens, and the last thing you want is to be locked out of your car if something goes wrong with your phone. Hyundai has you covered with a physical NFC Key Card, whether it’s a dead battery or a misplaced device. Your vehicle comes with this convenient card that functions the same as your phone, giving you a reliable backup. The pairing process for your NFC Key Card works a little differently. You’ll have to start your vehicle, pair your card in the app, place your card on the wireless charger, and use an on-screen or gauge cluster setup to make sure your car recognizes it. 

This way, you never find yourself locked out when you don’t have your key fob on you!

Find Your Next Hyundai at Huffines Hyundai Plano

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