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The Entertainment and Technology Features of the Hyundai Santa Fe


Finding a car or SUV that features the technology you need has never been more important than it is now. With new technological developments each year, our drives become even more fun, safe, and functional. The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe arrives with no shortage of wonderful technological tools and treats. From helping you get to where you’re going safely to keeping you and your passengers comfortable and entertained for the entire trip, the technology of the new Hyundai Santa Fe is here to make your life better every time you get behind the wheel.

Hyundai Santa Fe Entertainment Technology Features

The designers of the Hyundai Santa Fe know you want to enjoy yourself when you’re in your SUV, so it comes with a range of entertainment options to make every drive more fun. Some of the entertainment technology on offer includes:

  • Smartphone integration: Linking your phone to your Santa Fe is easy and automatic once set up. If you use your phone to play music or podcasts, you can quickly transfer from your headphones to your car when you get in for seamless listening.
  • 10.25-inch touch screen: The Santa Fe comes with a built-in touch-screen display that makes navigation among the car’s entertainment, safety, and comfort systems easy.
  • Voice recognition capabilities: If you’re ready to change the music, hear and dictate a text, or make and take phone calls, the Santa Fe’s voice recognition lets you do so without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road just by giving a voice command.
  • Premium Harman Kardon audio: When you’re listening to your music, you want to hear it how the creators meant it to be heard, and the Santa Fe’s Harman Kardon sound system offers the purest sound for maximum fidelity.

Hyundai Santa Fe Convenience Technology Features

Any time your SUV can make your life just a little bit easier, it’s a great thing, and the Hyundai Santa Fe comes with many fantastic features to improve your day. Some of the best convenience features the Santa Fe offers include:

  • 12.3-inch HD digital instrument display: Clear instruments make it easier for you to monitor important information like your speed, gas levels, and mileage. The Santa Fe’s HD display ensures that you can clearly read your important information.
  • Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA): If you’ve ever found yourself looking at a tight parking spot as your only option and wondering how you’ll get out, the Santa Fe has you covered. Squeezing through the door is a thing of the past with Remote Smart Parking Assist, which allows you to line up with the space, get out, then use your key fob to pull the car forward into the space with the help of automated adjustments to center between the neighboring vehicles.
  • Hyundai Digital Key: We use our smart phones to control more and more parts of our lives every year. The Hyundai Digital Key app makes your Santa Fe more convenient than ever, allowing you to lock and unlock the doors, pop the rear gate, trigger or stop the alarm, and even turn your engine on and off, all using just your phone.
  • Wireless charging station: Keeping your devices charged is easy, too, with your Hyundai Santa Fe, thanks to the built-in wireless charger. Just place your wireless-charge-enabled device on the pad and it will automatically fill its battery while you drive, so your phone or tablet stays alive longer.

Hyundai Santa Fe Safety Technology Features

Nothing is more important on the road than knowing that you and those you care about are safe. The Santa Fe comes with many pieces of safety technology to help you stay aware and protected at the wheel. Safety systems available with the Hyundai Santa Fe include:

  • Collision warning systems: The Santa Fe includes an assortment of collision warning systems that use cameras and sensors to monitor around your car and alert you to danger ahead, behind, or in your blind spot and to help you maintain safe distances.
  • Driver attention warnings: While the Santa Fe includes many convenience and entertainment options that double as safety mechanisms by letting you keep your eyes on the road, it’s still possible to become tired or distracted at the wheel. The attention warning system monitors driver behavior and alerts you if you show signs of distracted or tired driving.
  • Improved highway safety: The Santa Fe provides many safety features designed to improve your awareness and performance on the highways. Lane keep alerts and assistance prevent drifting, while smart cruise control with stop and go allows you to maintain safe distances without disengaging your cruise control.
  • Surround view monitor: Getting a full understanding of the space around your vehicle is the safest way to drive. With surround view monitoring, you can get a visual representation of all sides of your Hyundai Santa Fe to stay alert to any potential hazards.
  • Safety for exiting your Santa Fe: Just because you’ve reached your destination doesn’t mean your Santa Fe is finished looking out for your safety. Ultrasonic rear occupant alerts monitor the cargo space to ensure any children or pets in the back come with you when you go. The safe exit assist scans oncoming traffic to ensure that you have clearance to safely open your doors and exit the vehicle, including preventing the disabling of child safety locks when oncoming traffic is present to avoid an unsafe situation.

If the Hyundai Santa Fe sounds like an excellent option for you, then the experts at Huffines Hyundai Plano are here to help. Our professional staff are experienced in pairing shoppers with the cars and SUVs that best match their needs. Come on down to our dealership or get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to discuss what you’re looking for, show you your options, and get you behind the wheel for a test drive so you can find the perfect new or used car for you.

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